Small Patio Furniture

When we live in a house or apartment that offers very little in the way of outdoor space, it can be a real challenge finding ways to maximize the room that we do have. Fortunately, small scale patio furniture is being manufactured in large numbers and in many instances you can purchase the plans to make your own small patio furniture.

There is absolutely no reason why the entire family can’t enjoy the great outdoors due to a lack of space. You will find that an even a day of entertaining friends is not beyond the capacity of your small yard if you plan ahead and incorporate the right kind of small patio furniture.

Wall Hung Furniture

Regardless of how you decide to outfit your backyard with patio furniture for small spaces, Time should always be spent making this space one that you; your family and friends; enjoy spending time in. Pots of greenery tucked away in a corner along with a few well placed planters adorned with colorful flowers and you yard will become a summer oasis. As for wall hung furniture, there really isn’t any that cannot be attached to fencing that surrounds the perimeter of your property. Benches and tables alike can be mounted in this way for use when needed and easily stored when not in use. Although it will be more costly, teak is an excellent choice for this kind of small space patio furniture. This wood will withstand the changes of seasons and survive just about anything that Mother Nature can hand it. Installation is simple using hinges that will allow your furniture to drop and rest nicely on the foldable legs.

Stackable Furniture

When it comes to patio furniture for small spaces it is hard to beat the usefulness of plastic stackable chairs. There are other available options if you can afford the cost of wood and want to be bothered with the upkeep of metal that is subject to rust. Plastic cleans up easily with just soap and water and can be purchased in a number of different designs and colors. You can own any number of these practical chairs and when they are stacked together, they take up no more room than one chair. Besides that, it makes storing them for the winter months a cinch. Made to last a life time, these attractive yet inexpensive chairs should be the number one choice in furniture for small spaces.

Dual Purpose Furniture

If you are fortunate enough to have a patio or balcony, you can now extend your living space. Despite how small your outdoor area might be, if it is just off the kitchen or living room door, either of these rooms just managed to gain a few more feet space of useable space. What must be taken into consideration is the placement of furniture. When it comes to small spaces, too little is much better than having too much. Seek out small patio furniture that serves more than one purpose. Both side table and seat can have lids that lift up and allow for added storage inside of the unit. What a great place to store gardening tools or even outdoor games such as croquet or a set of bocce balls.

Folding Furniture

Another fantastic option especially for patio furniture for small balconies is the pieces that fold up. Both table and chairs can be folded up and stored in less than a tenth of the space they take when in use. If you only have a patio to outfit look for the smallest pieces you can get. If the space includes a yard area, you may not have to be as choosy when it comes to size and shape.

Best Selling Patio Furniture

With spring finally here and summer approaching your patio is likely due for an overhaul, an upgrade that will involve no less than the latest and best patio furniture today!

Your patio is an ideal place to spend quality time with your loved ones this spring and summer. It is therefore important that you choose the best furniture for it. There is a wide variety of patio furniture to choose from. You can start from reclining chairs to a full four or six chair dinning set or a very elegant bar table with small stools. Here are ten of the best patio furniture to choose from for your patio:

Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker 3-Piece Bistro Set

The Strathwood furniture is sleekly designed, handsomely finished, and built to last. With its classic style and reliable craftsmanship, it will certainly last out ever-changing trends and regular use for years to come.

Outdoor All Weather Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Sectionals

This outdoor all weather wicker sectional set is a sleek with a multidimensional design. Being made UV resistant and waterproof, it will be perfect for your patio all year round. It exudes an urban lifestyle.

Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture All Weather Gorgeous Couch Set

This furniture set is constructed from a lightweight aluminum frame and hand woven. It is designed to withstand any weather condition. You can create a beautiful outdoor seating area as it provides elegance and style in your patio.

Deep Seating All-Weather Wicker Loveseat by Alfresco Home

This loveseat is inspired by the beautiful tones of the earth and the vibrant colors of nature. You can see how beautifully it blends with any of your outdoor furniture. It will certainly provide style and versatility in your patio.

Polywood Outdoor Furniture Classic Adirondack Chair

This environment-friendly recycled Plastic Adirondack Chair is attractive, comfortable, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. This chair combines style with maximum comfort.

Home Styles Outdoor Dining Arm Chair in Rust Brown Finish

These Home Styles Outdoor Dining Arm Chairs are distinctly traditional in style, and are sure to fit comfortably in any deck or patio. You can leave these chairs out all winter and they will still look great for years.

Strathwood St. Croix Aluminum Dining Armchair with Cushion

The Strathwood St. Croix Aluminum Dining Armchair is easy to care for. They are very durable as well as beautiful to have in your patio. You can have this in your patio for year and they will still look brand new.

Strathwood Falkner 72-Inch Dining Table with Umbrella Hole

The Strathwood Falkner 72-Inch Dining Table is an ideal outdoor furniture. It is also resistant to chipping, fading, and rusting. The rain, cold and snow will not affect this table.

North Cape Port Royal Resin Wicker 3 Seater Sofa

If you are looking for traditional outdoor furniture options with a contemporary twist, then this Port Royal collection three-seater sofa is what you should have. It will be very useful either indoors or outdoors, on a poolside patio or on a covered porch.

Black Frame Director’s Chair

This chair has a very attractive design. It is perfect for your patio to accommodate more space and guests. This quality furniture is easy to set up and can give you a great comfort and style in your patio.

While waiting for summer to come around, it’s time to decorate your patio with best rated patio furniture. Having outdoor furniture will give time to relax just by watching the sunset with loved ones.

Patio Furniture for Easy Living

Talk about easy living, and you picture in your mind’s eye a breezy afternoon with you lounging on the patio. Whether it is in a tropical setting or not, having a patio behind your house can offer numerous possibilities for a relaxing lifestyle. Choosing the right patio furniture is important; you should bear in mind your comfort, and ease in maintenance.

Patio furniture comes in all sizes and shapes. There are sofas, settees, sun decks, hammocks, coffee tables and armchairs. Some are hard, some are soft. The hard ones could be made of concrete, marble, wrought iron, or aluminum. The others, especially those from the tropics, are made of wood, wicker or rattan. These are often covered with thick cushions in brightly colored printed fabric. If your patio leads to a pool, then you may need a cabana for changing clothes, tables and chairs for poolside refreshments, and sun decks.

If you have a nice backyard, your patio furniture may come in handy when you entertain friends with a barbecue. They can lounge around for chats, and have drinks while you grill your kebabs, hotdogs, or spare ribs. Judging from the size of your party, you should be ready with enough chairs, sofas, settees, or divans in easy-to-maintain covers such as washable cotton fabric or leatherette. Cleaning up after the party would not be a hassle if your patio furniture are easy to maintain. You should inspect these beforehand, to see if they are in good condition without cracks or splinters.

If you have small children or pets, your furniture might have stains or unpleasant odors. It is therefore more practical to have easy-to-clean furniture that you can wash, wipe, or spray with scented furniture cleaners. Needless to say, your patio floor should also come in easy-to-clean weather-proof material in warm colors that blend with your furniture. Think of dressing up your patio as an enjoyable way of expressing your preferred lifestyle. It is an extension of your personality, your moods, your favorite relaxation area, and pleasant getaway from a hectic working day, so express yourself!

Patio Furniture for Retirees

As you near retirement age, you often dream of long, lazy afternoons lounging in your breezy patio, with a cool PiƱa Colada in your hand. The good news is, this dream may not be out of reach anymore. With the right financial planning, you could go into retirement with enough money to dress up your patio with the desirable patio furniture. Patio lounge chairs, sofas, settees, divans, or even hammocks, can be had for very reasonable prices. You may choose the sturdy kind made of wrought-iron, aluminum or wood; or you may settle for the lighter type, made of wicker, rattan or bamboo.

Wicker, rattan and bamboo furniture come a long way from the East, as far as Egypt and China. Furniture made of these organic materials are noted for their comfort, lightness, and intricate woven designs. Recently, Hollywood star Brad Pitt has even bought a woven rattan bed shaped like a boat, designed by Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

Patio furniture made of this type of light material is advantageous for retirees. They are easy to move around, easy to maintain, and are weather-proof too. A lot of modern wicker patio furniture are even made of synthetic materials.

Most retirees nowadays no longer have small children around, save for the occasional visit by some grandchildren. But retirees may have the family dog or cat to think about. Having easy-to-maintain, pet-proof patio furniture is a must for senior citizens. The beauty of having wicker, rattan or bamboo furniture is having separate plump cushions that are usually covered with washable cotton fabric.

The stains caused by spills or pets can easily be washed away. It would also be wise to use bold and bright Indian or Mexican prints if you wish to have a Midwestern motif, or batik prints if you prefer the Southeast Asian motif. These different motifs can be followed through with a colorful rug on the floor, wall hangings of native prints and pottery with bright designs, and wood carvings. For that Asian look, a potted Chinese bamboo in a corner could do the trick.